Welcome to Desert Oasis Teff & Grain!

This blog is the spot to learn everything there is to know about this tiny grain we love so much: teff! Gluten-free, high in fiber, rich in flavor and full of proteins, teff is nutritious firecracker. Find out why teff is leading the way in health and finding itself...

Meet Teff: The Stubborn Little Grain That Packs a Nutritious Punch

Teff is a crop that, some might say, is the plainest Jane of crops. It grows in colors ranging from white, brown, and red. It’s tiny, like the poppy seed. But, somehow it manages to pack a nutrition punch as if it was its own fruit tree. Containing more protein, iron,...

Let’s Talk About (Gluten-free) Baking

If you’ve mostly baked with wheat flours in the past, gluten-free baking might be a bit intimidating at first. Baking with gluten is different than baking with gluten-free options like sorghum, buckwheat or teff. For one, the batters look different. When you first...

Coconut Raisin Sorghum Pudding

A delicious, sweet treat that is a twist on the classic rice pudding 1 (13.5 ounce) can coconut milk ⅓ cup white sugar ½ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon salt 3 cups cooked Desert Oasis whole grain sorghum 1 egg, beaten ⅔ cup raisins 1 tablespoon butter...
We’re Kosher Certified! Celebrate With This Chocolate Cake Recipe

We’re Kosher Certified! Celebrate With This Chocolate Cake Recipe

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting change we’ve made to ensure even higher quality grains: our facility recently became Kosher certified. We decided to go through the process of Kosher certification so our grains are more accessible to families who value and rely on Kosher-certified products or would like more access to gluten-free, Kosher grains. Each one of Desert Oasis Teff & Grain products now meet strict Kosher standards.

6 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes For Winter

6 Gluten-Free Comfort Food Recipes For Winter

Baby it’s cold outside. Time to cozy up with your favorite book, or watch some Netflix and enjoy a home cooked meal. These cold winter days are the best time to enjoy your favorite comfort food, but make sure to avoid a gluten overload. If you’re gluten-free, check out these comfort foods for every meal.