This blog is the spot to learn everything there is to know about this tiny grain we love so much: teff! Gluten-free, high in fiber, rich in flavor and full of proteins, teff is nutritious firecracker. Find out why teff is leading the way in health and finding itself on the plates of families across America.

Teff is stubborn by nature. It’s smaller than most other grains, making us work a little harder to reap its benefits. In fact, when farmers John and Dave first started tinkering with teff processing, they quickly realized modern grain production machinery wouldn’t cut it.

After hours and hours of rethinking the production process of standard grains, the Desert Oasis farmers were onto something. The farmers did a little reverse engineering, then built the process back up. Months later, they found themselves smiling and high-fiving in front of a new production process, designed just for teff. The mission: to provide families with healthy, high quality grains.

At Desert Oasis, clean and distinguished grains make all the difference in health, and in life. Making this grain more available to Americans took some work, but it was all in the name of clean fun and curiosity.

We care for teff like we do all our grains, by being involved every step of the way. We are growing, harvesting, and cleaning them by hand, every day. This is our way of showing how we care about your family’s health and the quality of the food on your table.

Here on our blog, you can read all about our ancient and heritage grains, keep up with our latest news, and discover adventurous recipes from our kitchen (and from our customers’ kitchens, too!). Teff is extremely versatile, and we’re excited to see how other teff lovers use this super grain in their recipes. When it comes to baking, we like tossing teff into blueberry banana bread muffins, chocolate cake, or savory feta cheese pie. Teff is also perfect for punching up the nutrients in your favor dishes like chili, vegetable stew, or stuffed bell peppers. Wherever your curiosity takes you, we hope you will share your recipes with us.

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