Meet Teff

Meet Teff, the Wonder Food!

Teff is super for its nutritional properties, but it’s also super for its versatility in the kitchen.

Teff is much more than an average grain. A dietary staple for some cultures for thousands of years, teff fuels everyone from families looking for healthy wheat alternatives to marathon runners in need of a protein punch.

Enjoy our grains on their own, like in a way-to-start-your-day morning porridge, sprinkle them over soups and salads for added nutrition, or bake them into gluten-free masterpieces like brownies or pizza crust. We’ll make sure you have wholesome grains in your cupboard—you make sure to tell us what all you make with them.

Desert oasis high quality teff and high quality farmers

High in fiber

With 4g of fiber per serving, teff makes eating healthy a breeze!

Rich in protein

Looking for a delicious source of healthy protein? Look to teff!


With whole-grain and ground-flour options, Desert Oasis gives you easy access to healthy, gluten-free food staples.



Kosher Food

All of our products meet strict Kosher standards.



With its mild, nutty flavor, teff can easily be incorporated into hundreds of recipes, including soups and stews, baked goods and even falafel.