Baby it’s cold outside. Time to cozy up with your favorite book, or watch some Netflix and enjoy a home cooked meal. These cold winter days are the best time to enjoy your favorite comfort food, but make sure to avoid a gluten overload.


If you’re gluten-free, check out these comfort foods for every meal.


For Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating in the morning is just a matter of habit. Taking 10 minutes to make and eat some healthy food in the morning and be simple and delicious. Make your morning meal your priority and enjoy wholesome, gluten-free meals that keep you smiling all morning long.


Gluten-Free Porridge

Creamy Maple Breakfast at Teff-any’s


Gluten-free porridge

Porridge! It’s warming, filling, satisfying, and definitely satisfies my hankering for oatmeal in a deliciously grain-free and sugar-free way. It’s full of good-for-you nutrients and fiber in every bite.

Check out our very own Creamy Maple Breakfast Porridge that will keep you energized all morning long.


Gluten-Free Buckwheat Waffles


Gluten-free waffles

Light, crisp, and fluffy. These buckwheat waffles are 100% gluten-free and can be served with butter, syrup, jam, whipped cream, or even your favorite nut butter.

What better way to start your morning or to enjoy an afternoon snack than to sit down to Cookie + Kate’s buckwheat waffles.

For Lunch


Warm up mid-day with a hearty meal that’s just as favorable for your soul as it is for your stomach. These gluten-free lunch ideas will keep your energy going all day.


Vegan Gluten-Free Mac N Cheese


Gluten-free mac n cheese

Would it be a comfort food list without mac n cheese? Of course not! The Minimalist Baker’s mac n cheese will give a blast of flavorful goodness in every bite.

Yes, it’s vegan, but for those cheese lovers out there, there’s no harm in adding some shredded cheese to this scrumptious recipe.


For Dinner


What’s for dinner? In many households, dinner is the main event of the day. Share stories of the days activities, relax with a nice glass of wine, put on some rowdy music and let your cooking creativity flow … try one of our recipes or create your own.


Roasted Spaghetti Squash With Tomato sauce


Gluten-free spaghetti

If the presentation doesn’t reel you in, wait until you take a bite. This gives traditional spaghetti a run for its money. So much flavor, and so filling you may need a nap after this meal.

Todd + Diane White on Rice Couple crave comfort foods during the long winter months. They created this simple spaghetti recipe that is adaptable to whatever you want it to be. Add sausage, ground turkey or chicken and it all tastes great!. You can even skip the meat and make it vegetarian. The possibilities are endless!


Sage Pumpkin Teff Penne Bake With Kale


Gluten-free teff penne

Cheese casseroles practically scream winter eats. This recipe uses ready-made teff penne, but you can also switch out the penne and just use whole grain teff for an extra nutty flavor.  

Check out Gabriella’s Kitchen blog for your ultimate comfort food. Try her cheesy, bubbly pumpkin penne pasta. Lets dig in!


Have some favorite gluten-free comfort recipes? Comment below!